Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gear Box Importers

Gear Box 
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Machine Tools

Machine Tools
Machine tools are utilized in all manufacturing and processing stages and processes as done in all industries and manufacturing units. Every industrial activity can never be performed without using these machine tools. The examples of these industrial activities include woodworking, welding, textiles, surface & heat treatment, stone processing, sheet metal, rubber, robotics, recycling, printing, power generation, plastics, packaging, mineral processing, measuring and inspection tools, machine tools, lifting equipment, glass, foundry, forging, forestry, food & beverage, factory utilities, fabrication, construction machines, complete plants, commercial vehicles, and agricultural etc. Inclined plane, wheel and axle, lever, pulley, wedge, and screw are the examples of simple machines. There are many machine tools and mechanical components which are used in a number of machines. Examples of these machine tools and mechanical components include axle, bearings, belts, bucket, fastener, gear, key, link chains, rack and pinion, roller chains, rope, seals, and spring and wheel etc. Machine tools are also used in making of various turbines such as gas turbine, steam turbine, water turbine, wind generator, jet engine and windmill. Out of machine tools, vacuum tube, transistor, diode, resistor, capacitor, inductor and memristor are examples of electronics whereas various miscellaneous machines are also manufactured by using different machine tools. Examples of these machines include vending machine, robot, wind tunnel, riveting machines and check weighing machines etc.

Industrial Supplies

Industrial supplies are composed of a number of machines, equipments, instruments, and parts and accessories that are used during manufacturing of different products and items. By and large, industrial supplies are comprised of air cleaning equipment parts, air conditioner parts, air-compressor parts air-compressors, boiler parts, boilers, cleaning equipment, cleaning equipment parts, energy saving equipment, energy saving equipment parts, engine parts, engines, evaporator, filter supplies, gas generation equipment, gas generation equipment parts, industrial air conditioners, industrial brake, industrial filtration equipment, laser equipment, laser equipment parts, motor parts, motors, oil purifier, refrigeration & heat exchange equipment, refrigeration & heat exchange parts and ventilation fan parts and ventilation fans. In industrial supplies, air cleaning equipment parts include air shower, industrial dehumidifier, industrial humidifier, and other air cleaning equipments. Filter Supplies, out of all industrial supplies, are consisted of filter aids, filter bags, filter cloth, filter films, filter meshes, filter papers and other filter supplies. Industrial filtration equipment includes air filter, dust collector, oil filter, water filter and other industrial filtration equipments. Motor parts include motor controller, motor driver, and other motor parts whereas motors consist of AC motor, DC motor, stepper motor and other motors. In industrial supplies, refrigeration and heat exchange equipments comprise cold room, cooling tower, heat exchanger, ice machine, industrial chiller, industrial freezer and industrial heater as well.

Food & Beverage Processing Machinery

The field of food and beverage processing machinery is classified into many more areas which include beverage processing machinery, beverage processing machinery parts, food processing machinery, and food processing machinery parts. Food processing machinery is further categorized into more machineries and parts such as bean product processing machinery, cooking equipment, dairy processing machinery, food sterilizer, fruit & vegetable processing machinery, grain processing machinery, meat processing machinery, pasteurizer, pet food processing machinery, slaughtering equipment, snack machinery, sugar & salt processing machine and other food processing machinery. In the above mentioned machineries, bean product processing machinery, dairy processing machinery, food sterilizer, fruit & vegetable processing machinery, pasteurizer, pet food processing machinery, slaughtering equipment, snack machinery, sugar & salt and other food processing machinery are quite separate fields. Cooking equipments, grain processing machinery, and meat processing machinery include further accessories as well wherein cooking equipment includes baking equipment and fryer; meat processing machinery includes meat mincer, meat mixer and meat slicer; and grain processing machinery entails flour mill, noodle machine and rice mill also. There are a number of food and beverage processing machineries and processing units e.g. hydro-cooler, vacuum packer and fish scaler etc. Almost food and beverage processing machineries and processing units are very expensive and easily available all over the world. 

Excess Stock

Excess Stock :
When talking about manufacturing and processing machinery, we can never deny the term 'excess stock', which is so crucial for suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of textile goods. Excess stock usually contains machinery agents, machinery parts stock and machinery stock. In the world of excess stock of textiles and textile products, there are many types of machines based on the nature of required printing methods such as digital textile printing, engraved copperplate printing, hand block printing, perrotine printing, roller printing, cylinder printing, screen-printing, stencil printing and other methods of printing (e.g. pad printing, lithographic printing, and inkjet printing). Machines are involved in all stages of textile manufacturing such as cultivating and harvesting, finishing, preparatory processes, spinning and weaving. Ginning is a leading part of cultivating and harvesting processes. Preparatory processes are completed by ginning, bale-making and transportation, opening and cleaning, blending, carding, combing, drawing, spinning, checking, folding and twisting, and gassing. Weaving process entails winding, warping (also called beaming), sizing, drawing in or looming, printing and then weaving. Knitting is a major stage in textile manufacturing. Finishing process is completed by desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerising, singeing, raising, calendering, shrinking (also known as sanforizing), dyeing and then printing. After arrival of technological applications, the search of excess stock has become quite easy for textile agents and communities. 

Apparel Machinery

Apparel Machinery :
Apparel Machinery
The major category of manufacturing and processing machinery is further divided into subcategories such as apparel machinery, apparel machinery parts, bag making machinery, bag making machinery parts, belt making machinery, belt making machinery parts, cap making machinery, cap making machinery parts, glove making machinery, glove making machinery parts, home textile product machinery, home textile product machinery parts, leather production machinery, leather production machinery parts, shoemaking machinery, shoemaking machinery parts, sock knitting machinery and sock knitting machinery parts. Apparel machinery is further classified into other subcategories that include button making machinery, buttonhole machinery, embroidery machines, industrial garment steamers, lace machines, over-lockers, sewing machines, sock knitting machinery, and zipper making machines and other apparel machinery as well. Home textile product machinery is further divided into semi-machineries such as felting machinery, quilting machinery, towel making machinery including other home textile product machinery. Shoemaking machinery is further divided into sub-machineries which are shoe cementing machines, shoe eyeleting machines, shoe molding machines and other shoemaking machinery as well. The rest of the examples of apparel machineries and apparel related machines include fusing machinery, heat transfer machinery, inspection machines, pleating machine, slitters, winders, pressing equipments, boxed pleaters, cutting equipments, biasing equipment, colander machines, and fiber glass belting, and laminating machines etc.